The Programme

Audience Analytics & Insight
Integrating audience analytics and insight to drive brand growth
October 16th 2018

Draft Programme

09.00 Keynote

09.20 Integrating to improve effectiveness

  • Blending sources to arrive at best practices without common currencies
  • Personalisation/addressability on scale vs broadcast
  • Total attribution – is it rocket science?

    INNOVATION – Advances in effectiveness, AI, attribution

    PANEL – Finding the balance between short term ROI and long term brand success, and what metrics work!

11.20 Integrating, evaluating and managing big data

  • Finding an effective hierarchy for your data strategy
  • Managing voluminous data sources to derive insight – the role of advertisers, agencies and media owners
  • Evaluating the impact of GDPR on both personal and survey data

    INNOVATION – Can Block chain become scalable, offering total transparency!

    PANEL – The value of data: is all data created equally? Setting minimum standards across platforms, 1st and 3rd party.

14.00 Fireside chat

14.20  Integrating, targeting and the human truth

  • Integrating from beginning to end, starting with defining your audience
  • Moving from audience marketing to people targeting
  • When personalisation becomes personal invasion

    INNOVATION – New techniques – how close to humans is data getting?

    PANEL – How to get a more nuanced and rounded view of my audience to drive business?

16.20 What will you do differently tomorrow?