Q&A with Mark Greenstreet, Chief Research Officer, Dentsu Aegis Network

Mark is responsible for developing Dentsu Aegis Network’s global research, insight & data strategy. Previously he was MD of Carat Insight & ævolve, Aegis Media’s insight and analytics division. Starting as a media buyer in the 80’s, he became a planner, strategist & planning director in the 90’s. Since then he has focussed on data, research, advertising effectiveness, insight & digital projects and planning systems.

Q: Why is it that more information can often lead to fewer insights?
A: There is too much focus on what is measured rather than what is important.

Q: What’s the biggest single challenge that impedes the successful integration of behavioural and survey data?
A: Organisational and individual lack of understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each type of data.

Q: Why is it so important for brands and their agencies to be able to compare online and offline audience and advertising data more effectively?
A:This is most critical for video advertising where campaigns are already becoming a blend of servable digital video and broadcast TV.

Q: Do you think that we will see more data sharing projects over the next three years and if so, why?
A: Yes.1 Increase in available data. 2. Increased capabilities in combining and analysing Data. 3. Increase in alignment of data.

Q: Why is it important to break down the silos between data teams and insight teams?
A: To align data and insight strategies across understanding, planning, execution and measurement.

Q: If heads of data are from Mars and heads of insight are from Venus, what are the common skills and personality traits that should bring them together?
A: Martians need to understand the benefits and application of and nature of very simple data. Venusians need to understand probability.

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